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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor published in the April 13 Tribune:

Howarth Park beach access
Few options for beach access “ridiculous”

To the Editor:
Once again, the only decent beachfront to the Puget Sound in the Everett Area is closed for “fill in the blank.”
I find it ridiculous that a city the size of Everett has so little public access to the water and the only decent location is constantly being closed for repairs and upgrades. The city websites keep pushing people to Mukilteo when it is not a beach. It is a very rocky grade into the ocean next to a parking lot and picnic area.
According to the Everett website, the beach upgrade was supposed to have occurred during the repairs to the bridge. At the very least, the city website could have informed the public that the one year closure was going to be two years instead of teasing us with a completion date in spring 2016 (which is still on their website).

James Swanson

Letters to the Editor published in the April 6 Tribune:

Snohomish Parks
Sell westside park land to fund other city projects

To the Editor:
Regarding the March 30 Tribune article, “Large park projects, such as 20-acre (sic) westside site, progressing”: I just learned from this article that the city can’t place an artist-in-residence and/or caretaker (originally favored by the mayor and other council members) in the farmhouse at 2000 Ludwig Road because of “labor law issues” forcing the city to rent it out at “market rates.”
The city paid $700,000 in cash for the 10-acre 2000 Ludwig Road property in 2013.  Currently, a similar 9.33-acre parcel at 8130 Ludwig Road near a BPA transmission line is listed for sale at $2.150 million.
Anyone else renting out a $700,000 property would have to get at least $4,000 per month just to break even.
I don’t believe the 2000 Ludwig Road property was acquired through “eminent domain.”  Consequently, the city can legally surplus the 10 acres and sell to the highest bidder.
Just think what $2 million in proceeds could do for our city parks.

Morgan Davis

Letters to the Editor published in the March 30 Tribune:

Everett Crosswalks
Add warning signs

To the Editor:
In regard to “Drivers blowing past crosswalk is root of issue,” (March 16 Everett Tribune): Maybe larger blinking lights or a sign with a notice of the fine amount for not yielding to pedestrians would help. Hopefully this will be addressed before a child is killed or injured.

Darlene Russell

PUD Administration
Monopoly is questionable

To the Editor:
Where is the accountability for this monopoly? Every week I hear of another person being bilked by PUD, and it’s not because of the weather or more usage. It seems like the public meetings are just for show? Who regulates them? There must be something we can do to stop this theft.

Audrey Larson

Food stamp cuts
Extending tax credit is one step forward

To the Editor:
With food banks bracing for the end of a waiver program, what can be done?  (“End of food stamp benefits waiver has food banks tense,” in the March 23 Tribunes).
The work programs are helpful, but not yet reaching every one. Another ladder out of poverty could be extending the Earned Income Tax Credit to childless working adults. This tax credit has been shown to keep millions from falling into or deeper into poverty. 
By asking our representatives to extend it to childless adults who are working, but don’t earn enough to make ends meet, we can provide a path to self-sufficiency.  In the short run this will make a difference, while long term solutions can be found to finally end hunger in America.

Willie Dickerson

Letters to the Editor published in the March 2

High PUD bills
Writer suggests billing afterwards

To the Editor:
Since the meter readers only go out every other month, why not bill for the previous two months instead of billing accurately one month and guesstimating the next? Seems like the only fair way to accurately bill. We should only pay for what we use, not what PUD THINKS we will use.

Julie Storjohann

Konicke issue
Leave neighborhood alone

To the Editor:
When reporting on this horrific incident in future with trial coming up it would be great if you could put the Konicke home on PRIVATE road off Dubuque.
As everything you write about this, stupid people come to stare at the remains of the horrific incident.
This is not a county road and people to do have the right to come and look at a community’s loss during their time of grief.
As neighbors we, too, are grieving for the loss of our friend and neighbor as well as our loss of her family. Inconsiderate, rude people driving by to look at the house is sick and needs to stop. Our family and neighborhood needs to grieve without idiots driving by on our private road.

Tresa Marshall

Konicke issue
Support for Mike Konicke

To the Editor:
I knew Mike (Konicke) as a supervisor in my job. He expressed a genuine concern for the people he worked with. There is no way he deserved anything like this. I suppose in much the same way children cannot choose their parents, parents also cannot choose their children. I hope Mike gets the physical and emotional support he needs.

Daniel Thacker

Letters published in the Feb. 24 Tribune:

High PUD bills
Writer: Public utility is scamming customers

To the Editor:
I can tell you that the PUD is full of it. I do hope you don’t buy into their scam.
I have documented proof that the temperatures this year are no more than 5 degrees colder than last year at the same time. I also have documents concerning tort laws that apply here, as we are being billed for something that has yet to happen, and there is no way of knowing exactly what the actual bill would be.
The ‘computer’ thing is also bunk. A bill for $100 one month and the estimate next month is $400-plus? I think not. Only a fool would buy into that.
Please do us all justice and report the true facts, and not their spew! Thank you for your time.

John Wilkins

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