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Stolen dog?

To the editor
Early in the morning of July 3, our little tan and white Shih Tzu ran away. He was frightened from all the noise of the night before. A neighbor said that he saw a lady in a white van stop, very upset that the little dog was running down the Lowell River Rd. She put the dog in her van and went on down the road toward Snohomish. The dog had his collar on, with tags showing a number to call if he were lost. He also has a chip.
It is past time for a phone call from this lady. We miss our little dog, and our granddaughters are devastated that he is gone. At this point I feel that he has been stolen, not lost. Please, lady in the white van, please call the number on his tag so we can make arrangements to bring him home.

Cheri Misich


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