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Tribune's collection of coverage on the
May 31 Snohomish gathering incident and proceeding events and discussions regarding equality and justice
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Snohomish Police Chief writes open letter to community

Teen injured in conflict during flare-up Monday, June 1

Snohomish saw no riot Sunday; area Antifa says it did not post message that drew people to First Street

SNOHOMISH — First Street did not see a large-scale protest like what happened in Seattle and Bellevue in response to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis by a police officer, but rumors that rioters were coming had people lining the sidewalk Sunday, May 31 just in case. The group pinpointed as being the source that Antifa would convene in Snohomish says it never said this. More on this story...

Photo gallery from Sunday, May 31 activity in Snohomish

Outrage in Snohomish over situation, leadership response to May 31 events

SNOHOMISH — Political backlash and public disappointment over last week’s events is turning divisive. More on this story...

Snohomish Town Hall works to reconcile issues

SNOHOMISH — People looking for solutions convened online last week in a city-organized town hall about racism and how to move forward from the events from May 31. More on this story...

Two may be charged for June 1 clash on First Street

SNOHOMISH — Police recommended charges against two men who tangled with each other during a Monday, June 1 march on First Street, an incident that is remembered most for a teenager being punched in the face and getting a concussion.  More on this story...

Healing work not finished in response to May 31 events

SNOHOMISH — Local leaders are not done with addressing racism and equity in Snohomish, and meeting to discuss the issues. More on this story...



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